About us

10 August 2016

Welcome to our website!

We are an educational portal for persons of all ages. However, we focus primarily on education for adults.

You will find in our page a lot of advice on the ways of learning, as well as news about the various courses and training. You will find here also information about the formalities required to fulfill on sign up for higher studies and postgraduate studies.

The main mission of the portal Culturia.org is to deepen public awareness of the fact that in the modern world requires constantly expand our knowledge. First of all, it is required by labor market. Increasingly it puts on flexibility and continual willingness to learn.

However, the continuous intellectual development is primarily advantages for us. The brain is like a muscle – it requires frequent training and stimulation to all our lives preserved efficiency and in good condition.

Let we look for opportunities to acquire new knowledge! Even if it does not pay dividends right away in our professional lives, certainly it makes you feel much better.

The information provided on our website to help you open door to the world of science. Do not be afraid to enter it – it could be the beginning of a really fascinating needs.

Remember – it is never too late for learning!