Apps for language learning

10 August 2016

With the development of technology, learning a foreign language can not only much easier, but much more enjoyable. All thanks to special applications especially dedicated mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Below we are presenting some applications, which it should be interested by any person who is wishing to practice their language skills.

Duolingo. This is one of the most popular application languages. Its working principle is very simple: a nice, green owl guides us through an extensive course. The app allows learn from the ground up such languages as English, German, Italian or French.

Memrise. Memrise action is based on the constant repetition of using the principles of traditional flashcards, or cartons, on which is written the word or phrase and its translation. The biggest advantage of this application is great opportunities to modify or add new content only for your needs.

Rocket Languages. With this application it is possible to practice pronunciation. This part of the language learning is often ignored, especially if we learn the language yourself. With Rocket Languages we class the habits which could helpful during a conversation in a foreign language.