How to Learn Polish in Three Steps

Some experts guarantee that with three steps you can learn the most basic communication in Polish language, in a short time. To get these techniques in practice the ideal is to look for a professional  school, specialized in this field. Among many methods, we can summarize the learning process in three steps: Listening, observing and[…]

Pharmacology in the fight against alcoholism

In pharmacology there are known drugs, thanks to which the treatment of alcoholism is more effective, but none is as effective as baclofen, a drug whose initial purpose was the treatment of excessive muscle tension. However, later it turned out that this is an effective drug limiting the need for alcohol and can be successfully[…]

Polish language to study in Poland

For admission to the Polish university everyone should know the Polish language at a certain level. This is one of the main criteria for admission. Do not worry, if your city is not possible to learn the Polish language, as some Polish universities provide an opportunity to study the Polish language for foreigners. After the[…]

Summer courses abroad

Organizing a trip to Poland, you can think about how to take advantage of this opportunity to learn the Polish language. Languages spoken in the today’s world become a necessity. This can be useful for both career and personal development. In a pinch, you can flash the knowledge of the language to the local population,[…]

What you need to do before you go to Poland?

Going abroad on a temporary or permanent residence, there can be problems associated with the lack of understanding of the local language. Ignorance of the language can lead to complications in the areas of our lives such as: – Misunderstanding of colleagues at work / study – Stay off from public life – Problems with[…]

Open your company to foreign cooperation

More and more Polish companies are beginning to operate in international markets. For this it is necessary, however, knowledge of foreign languages. The situation is similar with foreign companies that want to acquire Polish customers. For people who want to work on the Polish market, it is necessary to start a process of learning Polish.[…]