Doctoral studies

10 August 2016

Nowadays high education is stayed obviousness. The vast majority of people applying for a job have at least a bachelor’s degree, and a considerable part of the master’s degree.

Therefore, people who want to really increase their knowledge frequently decide to make PhD studies.

An academic point of view, the third cycle studies are intended to prepare graduates for independent creative and research activity. During the course PhD student is required to conduct classes with students by a particular number of hours.

The culmination of PhD studies is to defend the doctorate, which adds scientific, new, relevant content to the world of science.

When it comes to value of employee in today’s labor market it should significantly increase after completing his PhD studies, especially for specialized industries.

The third-cycle studies could produce the greatest effects with the combining with a professional practice.

The public High Schools offer free doctoral studies in full-time. Some of them also allow studying in extramural (payable).