Language courses

10 August 2016

The language course is still a very common choice of people who want to learn a foreign language. If the course is run by a proven school, which employs qualified teachers and native speakers, it can bring a lot of obvious advantages, such as contact with the living language and the ability to correct our mistakes on the fly.

Choosing a language course worth paying attention not only to the reputation of schools it offers, but also the method of teaching.

Here are some methods that are practiced on assumptions language courses:

  • Berlitz Method. The basic premise of this method is the direct involvement of students in conversation only in a foreign language.

  • Callan Method. This method involves learning the language in a way almost naturally. During the lesson, involving mainly the continuous repetition of simple sentences and rapid responses to the questions asked by the teacher, which provokes students to use the subconscious knowledge.

  • Helen Doron method. This method focuses on the fun, so it is primarily intended for children. However, it may also prove effective for adults – in their way study focuses on the use of hobbies and interests of pupils.