Postgraduate studies

10 August 2016

Postgraduate studies offer the possibility of further education for person who has gained at least one stage of high education. You’ll able to start this type of studying if you have a bachelor’s degree. At the end of its study’s, you obtain a postgraduate diploma.

With postgraduate studies you can significantly increase your professional qualifications, as well as acquire new knowledge in the field, which you are always interested, but you hadn’t possibilities to dig deeper into during a regular studying.

Postgraduate studies are also great preparation for entrance exams in the later stages of academic training.

The offer postgraduate courses are offered by Polish Universities and are constantly being expanded. Implement it in public and private universities.

For admission to such studies, as well as the fee for them it is established individually by each of the educational units. Also, the length of its duration is not determined arbitrarily. Usually, study is during four semesters.