Public school

10 August 2016

The public high schools are considered the greatest authority and respect in the Poland. Such schools as Jagiellonian University and Warsaw University have developed a whole bunch of excellent professionals in different fields.

Esteem also enjoys a public University of Technology (such as Warsaw or Cracow University of Technology) and other technical universities (AGH Krakow), medical schools (e.g., Medical University of Gdansk) and Universities of Economics (Warsaw School of Economics).

The vast majority of Polish public universities recruit for full-time studies on the basis of the results of the matriculation examination only – the so-called “new Matura exam” which has passed by graduates of secondary schools since 2005, and technicians pupils since 2006.

People with the results of the “old Matura exams” will be required to pass entrance exams if they want to start studies. These exams do not function in all university. Some schools count the results of maturity exams pre-2005 years according to individual criteria.

What kind of recruitment rules prevail at the university, where we want to study, you could check by going to its website. Every public University it has one and publishes all the necessary information for prospective students.