Training courses

10 August 2016

When we lose a job or want to change the industry in which we worked, it may be necessary to improve our professional competence, or to get completely new skills. It allows for a various training courses, which are offered by Universities.

Here is a sample range of courses are offered by Polish Universities:

AGH University of Science and Technology courses:

  • The Academy of Architecture IT

  • Professional Printing in 3D

  • Pedagogic training course

Courses Academy of Physical Education in Katowice:

  • Course of animator in free time

  • The basic sign language course

  • Course of tour guide

Courses Academy of Leon Kozminski in Warsaw:

  • School of Business Trainers

  • Internal coach

  • Trade Marketing Manager

  • The team coaching

This is only a part of wide range of training courses. Look out for are specific courses which are organized at near of our place.