University of the Third Age

10 August 2016

“For learning is never too late” – the slightly threadbare slogan has a lot of truth. An excellent proof of this is the popularity of Universities of the Third Age.

University of the Third Age is an educational institution which main assumption and aim is to activate older people. In the present world, such action is increasingly important, because we live in times when the growing number of people of retirement age. Generally people are living longer and longer because of the advancement of modern medicine. It is worth focus on the needs of such an important group in our society.

In Poland, the first University of the Third Age was established already in the seventies. It was founded in Warsaw.

Currently in our country there are more than a thousand UTA, uniting about 25,000 listeners.

Universities of the Third Age function primarily under the auspices of universities. “Own” UTA can boast of such universities as the Jagiellonian University, Technical University of Lodz and Gdansk University.

Universities for seniors are also appointed by the association of leading popular science activities, nursing homes and other entities associated with the activation of older people.